Solid Building. On Time. On Budget.

Solid Building. On Time. On Budget.

For over 40 years Contempora Steel Builders continuously strives to be Manitoba’s leading full-service design to build construction management specialists. Through in-house design, engineering, project management and construction we are able to customize our services to each client’s needs. Additionally, our team has vast experience designing and building structures utilizing pre-engineered steel systems, which ensures that every project is built in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Our past projects range from under 5,000 square feet to over 180,000 square feet, predominately in Manitoba, North Western Ontario and Saskatchewan with projects also completed in Alberta, British Columbia and in the Northwest Territories.

We’re Currently Building:
Wrangler Truck Services Ltd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba 

Situated on Bryan Bay in the heart of CentrePort, this beautiful New Build spans over 12,000 square feet and features a stunning red accent column along the façade. Although the weather could cooperate more, our crews are onsite working hard to complete this project for the lovely people at Wrangler Truck Service Ltd.

Recently Completed Projects:
WGI Westman Group Inc.
Winnipeg, Manitoba 

Over 8750 square feet of Stress Skin building has been completed for the WGI Westman Group Inc in Winnipeg. Although modest on the outside this beautifully simple building features a mirror polished concrete floor, radiant tube heating, two “Big Ass Fans” and several oversized Overhead Doors. Sometimes the simple projects turn out to be the most elegant.

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Teamwork = Dreamwork

Within the realm of commercial construction, teamwork plays an important role in the success of a project. The collaboration and synergy among various professionals such as architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors, are essential components …….

August 9th, 2023

Attention to Detail in Construction!

Attention to detail holds immense significance in the realm of commercial construction, playing a vital role in ensuring a project is completed On Time ……………..

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June 21, 2023

Why Build Pre-Eng???

There are a number of benefits associated with utilizing Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings for your future project, here are just a few of the advantages:

Durability: Pre-engineered steel is extremely durable and can …….

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March 3rd, 2023

Starting the new year STRONG!!

From projects completed to breaking ground on the next, Contempora Steel Builders continues to be at the forefront of Pre-Eng Design Build Construction. Looking back we overcame…….

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January 10th, 2022