Solid Building. On Time. On Budget.

Solid Building. On Time. On Budget.

For over 40 years Contempora Steel Builders continuously strives to be Manitoba’s leading full-service design to build construction management specialists. Through in-house design, engineering, project management and construction we are able to customize our services to each client’s needs. Additionally, our team has vast experience designing and building structures utilizing pre-engineered steel systems, which ensures that every project is built in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Our past projects range from under 5,000 square feet to over 180,000 square feet, predominately in Manitoba, North Western Ontario and Saskatchewan with projects also completed in Alberta, British Columbia and in the Northwest Territories.

We’re Currently Building…
Loveday Mushroom Farms
Oakbank, Manitoba 

Our team is back at Loveday Mushroom Farms working on erecting the pre-engineered steel frame of a new cultivating warehouse! Check back to see as we add onto the megastructure.  

Recently Completed Projects…
Jade Transport Ltd.
West St. Paul, Manitoba 

Contempora has completed another project for Jade Transport Ltd. This project was very unique as it required our crews to strategically deconstruct an existing pre-engineered steel building, relocate it and then add another section to the building. 

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Partnering with Harvest Manitoba!

What started off as a simple fundraiser, with a modest goal, ended up receiving a whirlwind of support. In an effort to spread some holiday cheer our staff set off to fundraise for Harvest Manitoba. Our initial goal was set at $2,500 with an agreement of an additional…

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December 26, 2020

Building a Behemoth!

In 2008, Contempora Steel Builders completed a design build project for Loveday Mushroom Farms, erecting a 72,660 square foot state-of the-art facility north east of the city. In 2016…….

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November 26, 2020

Plugging Away; Jade Transport Ltd.

Our team recently began the second phase of construction at Jade Transport Ltd. The project initially began several months ago with the strategic disassembly of an existing pre-engineered building owned by Jade. The building was taken apart piece by piece, labelled, organized, and stored to await re-erection on one of Jade’s other properties.

Aside from the re-erection of the building, we have also been tasked with looking after the land development, erecting an addition, and finishing the interior. Visit us on Facebook or Instagram for updates as our team achieves project milestones and works towards completing Jade’s project on time and on budget.

October 13, 2020