Rigid Frame

Rigid frame construction has become the standard system for most low rise commercial structures. Contempora Steel Builders is a dealer of the Behlen Industries building systems, which are manufactured in Manitoba and are ISO 9001 and CSA Standard A660 certified. Rigid frame buildings are comprised of primary hot rolled steel frames (red iron) on predetermined bay spacings and connected with a series of secondary cold formed purlins and girts (C or Z sections). The structure is finished with high quality single or double skin metal roofing and wall cladding.

Specific requirements may incorporate high eave heights, wide clear spans, posted frames, heavy crane loads, oversized door openings, interior liner finishes, canopies, fascias, expansion frames or other unique design concepts. All aspects of the rigid frame construction have been standardized in order to realize the advantages of mass production resulting in less material, better quality, and faster fabrication and erection.

“A Rigid Frame  is the load-resisting skeleton constructed with straight or curved members interconnected by mostly rigid connections, which resist movements induced at the joints of members. Its members can take bending moment, shear, and axial loads.”