Need to MAXIMIZE the usable area of your building?

CONTEMPORA STEEL BUILDERS supplies and erects frameless systems manufactured in Manitoba by Behlen Industries, an ISO 9001certified company that’s been around since 1969. This system incorporates 4½” and 7½” deep pre-finished corrugated heavy gauge steel wall panels integrated with roof struts and a ceiling liner which is structurally engineered without the use of heavy hot rolled steel components (red iron). All aspects of the frameless building have been standardized in order to realize the advantages of mass production resulting in better quality using less material, and faster fabrication and erection.


Benefits of Frameless Structures
  • Clear Span Ability: Due to the absence of interior posts, beams, wall framing, and exposed ceiling trusses, a true “clearspan” design is achieved.
  • Economy: No heavy structural framing means the building goes up quickly and easily, without heavy construction cranes. Minimal site preparation and labour.
  • Uniform Foundation Loading: The support walls spread the design loads uniformly along the foundation. Simpler, more economical foundation systems are required.
  • Energy Savings: Due to the design of the corrugated building panels, the frameless building can be insulated to produce up to R-50 roof and R-30 wall insulation values leading to significant savings in heating and cooling costs.
  • Ease of Maintenance: With its corrosion-resistant, galvanized, and colour-coated panels, the frameless building stands up admirably to wear and aging and can resist dents.